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Gift Ideas

We are so excited that you are coming to our wedding. Indeed, your presence is presents enough!  We would like to buy you a gift for being our friends or family and putting up with our idiosyncracies.  But, we also realise that people want to buy us something to commemorate the start of the long and winding road that we hope will be our marriage. 

We have therefore, after much thought, decided that what we would most appreciate is for you to browse the suggestions here and if you feel you would like to contribute, visit the websites.  This would give us both a lot of joy.  Of course, if you would like to get us something that we haven't included, then we would be overjoyed also, especially if it is homemade!

The websites are: (a donation is what we envisgage here, though if you want to volunteer, we would be delighted!)


Giules and Russell Trivia

Did you know that Giulia and Russell met on 10th January 2003 over a patient who had been in a motor vehicle accident. But what examination did Russell teach Giulia that fateful day?